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Water Barriers

Carucci Safety & Equipment sell and rents orange and white portable water barriers. They are 5 feet wide by 4 feet high. Spaces for fencing and flashing lights are located on all these water barriers.


Carucci Safety & Equipment guarantees that the purchase price for these units are cheaper then any distributor in the country so give us a call today for a quote!

Easy to Handle
Light weight, easy to move without the need of lifting devices.
High mobility & suitable for all road construction sites.
Easy to install, save your time & labor.
Easy to stack up to save your storage space.



Molded in the latest state of the art engineering material, specially formulated for high impact strength to stand the impact in a car accident.
Sharp and bright colors provide a clear direction to drivers.
Uniquely designed pinned hinge, links the individual blocks up to a integrated chain of barrier.
When filled with water, the total mass for energy absorption combining with superb cushion effect of this barrier system, will out perform all other barrier systems in the market.


Turning angle between two linked blocks is up to 90º.

Recess for flash warning light is molded in the top surface.
Fencing net and other warning signs can be easily fitted on to the barrier.
Beside for traffic control, it is also widely used for multitude flow control.

We are proud to only use 3M (TM) Reflective Material

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